How to use YouTube correctly?


How to use YouTube correctly?YouTube is the largest global video archive, collecting millions of views every day and adding videos uploaded by users every second. If you are still unfamiliar with this resource-now is the time to do it.
Talking about what YouTube is and how to use It, the first step is to briefly describe video hosting. The name You Tube is a combination of the English words you and tube (the English slang name for the TV). In Russian transcription, you can pronounce both YouTube and YouTube, 1000 free youtube subscribers.
The resource demonstrates, stores, and delivers various video files. Any user can view all kinds of videos from the catalog, rate them, comment on them, share them with friends (including in social networks), as well as upload their videos and edit them. YouTube contains content for any request: news, trailers and movies, music videos, educational videos, life hacks and workshops, video blogs, reviews, humorous videos, and more.
Facts and figures
Now some numbers. YouTube was founded in 2005, and a Russian adaptation of The site became available in 2007. It has been owned by Google since 2006. Every minute, about 60 hours of various videos are uploaded to the site, and about 86 thousand are uploaded per day. In 2012, the number of daily views of content exceeded 4 billion, which is not surprising, because YouTube is the second most visited site in the world and the most popular video hosting service. Russians, by the way, make up only about 2 % of its audience — 51 million users.
How to use YouTube?
For those who want to learn more about what YouTube is and how to use It, we will tell you how to navigate it, if you have chosen the role of a viewer.
Register on the site
Of course, you can also watch videos on the hosting for unregistered users, but authorization on the site will give you a number of advantages:
• you can subscribe to any channel you like — the system will notify you when new videos are released on it;
• all videos you see will be saved in the Viewed section;
• you can click the delayed view icon to view the video later;
• you will be able to evaluate the creations of other users and comment on them.
You can register by e-mail if you already have it, you are automatically logged in to the video hosting service — just log in.
Open the site in your browser on the main page, you will be offered the most popular videos from users. Something you need will appear here when you watch a number of videos that interest you. YouTube will offer content according to your preferences.
Watching a video is simple: click on the icon of the video you like or its name. When you lower the mouse cursor to the bottom of the video player, you will see a menu with useful features: volume, video resolution, wide screen, and fast scrolling to the desired location. More below: information about the video, comments. You can also rate the video by tapping your finger up or down.
Understanding further how to use YouTube correctly, it is impossible not to touch the topic of search. It is simple-at the very top of any page of the site there will be a search bar where you can enter a word or phrase that describes what you would like to find. You can find something interesting in the channel catalog on the left side and in the Recommendations On the right side of the page.

How do I use a YouTube channel for a blogger? If you came to the site in order to share your creations with users, the following instructions are for your attention. Before you introduce your creative work to users, make the channel look attractive: You can keep multiple channels on one account at once-if your creativity or business is multi-faceted. First of all, upload a high-quality avatar photo to your Google account. Decorate the banner (top long image) with a suitable collage or photo. The channel name should be catchy, and the description should be concise and informative. Add a short trailer (how to use YouTube to download videos-see below) where you greet subscribers and motivate them to watch you. Customize sections of the main page-attract users with your brightest creations. Develop in Photoshop and upload a png icon of your channel — it will be visible in any of your videos in the lower right corner.

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